No need for key, no code, no application


1 USB C and 2 USB A for laptop and smartphone


50% extra volume 40L to 60L
weight: 7.5 lbs


Large all terrain wheels for a smooth and quiet ride


At Kabuto, we believe in traveling as a way of life, this is why we have designed products that move with you and you ever-changing needs.

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5 reasons to choose Kabuto®
The fantastic story of the Kabuto® suitcase

Kabuto® is a smart carry-on designed by French inventors for the 21st century globe-trotters, the modern travelers constantly on the go for business trips or leisure.
Kabuto® has been designed to your needs, it contains a removable battery that can charge your smartphone up to 8 times.
UBS A, micro-USB and for the first time ever a USB C to charge your latest devices.
Kabuto® is a unique carry-on which also offers an extra 50% extension in volume, that is to say an additional 2 to 3 days of travel.
Its outside pocket, easily accessible is the ideal place for your passport, your boarding pass and smartphone in charge. Inside the main compartment, you’ll find a lot of pockets to store away all your staff.
It’s everything you need, nothing you don’t.

The French luggage Kabuto® was designed by real travelers : this carry-on reveals to be performing, reassuring, suitable to each situation and will keep you connected at all time.
Keep your Kabuto® with you at all time between two flights, in the boarding area or in a meeting.
It will be your best partner. It is a suitcase designed for the frequent travelers that need satisfaction and reliance.
Discreet and elegant, very handy, the Kabuto® will roll quietly and softly on all terrains, as it is fitted with 2 large wheels with rubber tyres and skateboard style ball-bearings.
Your gears are secured inside the Kabuto® suitcase fitted with a  fingerprint sensor and electronic lock that opens up in a blink.
You can memorize up to 10 different fingerprints, should you wish to share your suitcase.

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595,00  (495,83  VAT exclu)
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595,00  (495,83  VAT exclu)
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Airline Pilot

I’m using it professionally and very often because I’m an airline captain.
I highly recommend it for a professional or frequent flyers.

Travel blogger

Kabuto® makes travel easier